Mr Stiff review

Mr Stiff

user rating:
  • Porn-specific search engine
  • Search by straight, gay, or shemale
  • Search the best tube sites all at once
  • Mobile Support
  • The design could be better
  • No descriptions on scene thumbnails

On, you'll find a search engine specifically made just to get you off. Sure, you can probably find plenty of porn using Google or Bing, but you'll probably have to do some scrounging around through the search results for quite a while if you're looking for something unique or niche-oriented. MrStiff is for the porn viewer who doesn't have time for that. Maybe you only have a few short minutes of peace in your day to unload. That's exactly why Mr Stiff can be such a lifesaver. 

When loading up this site, the search bar is front and center. This is where you can type directly what you're looking for. The convenient drop-down menus to the right also let you search by Duration (i.e. movie run-time) and even by Sexual Orientation (i.e. Gay, Straight, or Shemale). I think this is a great first impression because, even in the porn industry, there can be a stigma about orientation, and Mr Stiff immediately shows that's not going to be a concern on this site. Look down further and see all the most popular search tags. But keep scrolling and you'll see thumbnails of some popular videos if you're wanting to get down to business even faster. 

It's important to note that none of the videos found here are actually housed on Mr Stiff. They index various porn tube sites from all over the internet so when searching through the search bar you're basically searching through all the porn sites at once! Plus, since the content is not stored on the site, everything loads quickly without any unnecessary loading or lag time. How ridiculous would it be to try and save time by using a site that wasted its own time? 

Mr Stiff is a straight-forward porn search engine that does exactly what it promises to do. You can't ask for much more than that. It's one of the best and fastest search engines we've seen when it comes to finding porn and we think most visitors to the site will come away thinking the same thing.

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