Boodigo review


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  • Search Blogspot, Tumblr, or Clips4Sale
  • Encrypted anonymous search engine for porn
  • Never links to malicious or illegal sites
  • No cookies or tracking technologies
  • Mobile Support
  • Could have more search options

On, users finally get a search engine that cares about your orgasm as much as your search results. Normally, Google is where we all go if we're looking for anything and everything online. Back in the day, choosing a search engine was an ordeal all its own. As always, security and viruses were issues. Plus, we had shit options like Alta Vista, Yahoo, Web Crawler, and fucking Ask Jeeves. Google made all that bullshit disappear and most of us never worry about finding sites anymore. But porn consumers are getting tired of weeding through Wikipedia results and blowjob articles. They want the porn, and they want it now. Boodigo makes that a lot easier.

When you load up the homepage, you might be struck by just how minimalistic they went. Most of the page is blank white wall of nothingness. But that's the whole point. This isn't about being flashy or distracting. It's about searching for your next site to help you get off. But even with this seemingly empty page you get a surprising amount of searching power. You can decide whether you want to search the entire web, or you can do a more specialized search of Blogspot, Tumblr, or Clips4sale. It's like a surgeon just pulled out his dildo-shaped scalpel and cut out the exact sexiness you were wanting to locate. I'm very impressed.

The real story here is the anonymity and security aspects of the search process. Whenever you type in anything porn-related into traditional search engines, you immediately become vulnerable to a variety of online dangers and hassles. You'll appreciate Boodigo's commitment to your privacy here. They never use cookies or tracking technologies. They even make sure your browser history will be secure, so no one else using your computer will see what pervy shit you like to watch. But even more importantly, Boodigo blocks sites that could be security threats. You'll never find illegal porn results or sites that take you to malicious viruses or spyware. Not only will you be protected from snoopy roommates, girlfriends, and spouses, but also all those online assholes trying to fuck with your computer or steal your identity. I can't recommend this search engine enough.

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